HouseBoat/Living Quarters sleeps 12

$ 475,000

This houseboat was built of all welded steel construction. Excellent Condition

Overall Dimensions: Length – 68.0’, Breadth – 24.0’, Depth – 5.0’.
•barge contains a 4’ overhang on the bow and stern.
This houseboat has a flat deck, a raked bow, and a raked.
Deckhouse is fitted with house type windows throughout.
Barge is fitted with marine type light fixtures on the outside that serve as deck lights.
•motions lights are at the bow and stern.
•fuel 3,000 gallons
•water 5,600 gallons
•access to each internal compartment is made through an 18” to 24” diameter raised manhole cover.

8” x 8” x 29’ square spuds located on the starboard side.
spuds are in new condition.
5’ spudwells are welded to the hull.
two (2) electric spud winches are in new condition.

contain stainless-steel pins and new ½” cables.
forward and aft winches are each driven by a WEG 1.0-HP motor.

model number: 00118ES1B56CFL-S

serial number: BN 3086035

10” channel coolers are welded to the hull on both port and starboard sides.

perimeter of main deck is fitted with a 2-tier 2” pipe x 42” high handrail system.
contains plastic chain.
contains hard piping at the bow and stern.


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Type: Houseboat.Living Quarters

Dimensions (LxWxD): 68’x24’x5′

Year Built: Built in the past 10 years

Hull Type: Steel

Last Dry-Dock: 2023

Water Capacity: 5,600 usg

Fuel Capacity: 3,000 usg

Accommodations: (1) each 6-person bunkroom located forward and aft. • each bunkroom contains the following: six (6) single bunks with mattresses in plastic covers.

Location: Gulf of Mexico-Louisiana

Last Updated: April 17, 2024