SDB 1701 Spud Barge


26″x26″ Spud Wells
70′ Spuds
Hydraulic Pulling Unit

The hull is divided by three (3) longitudinal and four (4) transverse watertight bulkheads. The centerline bulkhead in way of the bow rake, #1, #3 and stern rake compartments is non-watertight. Centerline bulkhead in way of #2 compartment was watertight forming a port and starboard inboard compartment. This configuration forms three (3) bow rake compartments, ten (10) mid body compartments and three (3) stern rake compartments.


Type: Inland Spud Barge

Dimensions (LxWxD): 135’x40’x9′

Year Built: 1976

Hull Type: Steel

Flag: US

Location: Gulf of Mexico-Texas

Last Updated: June 19, 2023