UB 400 Research Vessel

Knuckle boom crane, 10 ton articulating A-Frame and a bow thruster.

400 sq ft command center complete with satellite internet to run operations.

Extensive alterations above and below decks which were completed in 2010. The alterations included the following key aspects:
1) Subdividing the main engine and generator space into two watertight
spaces thereby significantly improving the stability and deck load
2) Outfitting the starboard side below deck hold into a command center
complete with desks, climate control, computer and video links to above
deck communications and satellite positioning systems
3) Complete replacement and reconfiguration of the accommodations
4) Adding a walk-in refrigeration/freezer system
5) Adding a knuckle boom crane on the main deck port side
6) Replacement of two small gensets with 125 kW Cat units




Type: Offshore Supply Vessel

Horsepower: 1230 HP

Dimensions (LxWxD): 115’x27’x10.5′

Clear Deckspace: 52’x27′

Year Built: 1997/2010


Hull Type: Steel

Class: ABS Loadline

Flag: US

HP Search: 1230

Main Engines: (2) CAT 3412 Port main 2,323 hrs / Starboard main 2,328 hrs

Generator: Two (2) generators are 125 kW CAT 6.6 gensets. One of these generators is air start and the other is electric start via a dedicated battery bank. The third generator is a CAT C9 175 kW genset. This C9 genset utilizes an electric starter with a dedicated battery bank.

Gears: (2) Twin Disc

Speed/Consumption: 50 usg/ hour

Gross Tonnage: 146

Net Tonnage: 85

Deck Load: 25 LT

Water Capacity: 15000 usg

Fuel Capacity: 22000 usg

Bow Thruster: 100 HP

Fire Monitor: YES

Passenger Capacity: 15

Accommodations: eight (8) staterooms providing for a total vessel complement of 15 persons onboard. This complement may include up to ten (10) marine crew and five (5) scientific crew or a mix of marine and scientific crew up to the maximum of 15 persons onboard. Six staterooms are sized to comply with the 46CFR minimum deck area for marine crew. Two staterooms are sized only for non-marine personnel.

Nav Equip: FULL

Location: Gulf of Mexico

Last Updated: August 3, 2023