How Much Does a Tug Boat Cost?

Across Damco Marine’s current inventory of [catlink]tug boats for sale[/catlink] there are a variety of price points depending on the features, specifications, and condition of each vessel.

New Tug Boat Construction Prices

Without detailed specifications, most shipbuilders are reluctant to ballpark a quote on new construction so we’ve collected some pricing from a collection of websites and industry resources to get an idea how much it costs to buy a new tug boat. New tug boat prices start at over US$750,000 and can be as much as $10,000,000 or more depending on the specifications and equipment. A well maintained tug boat can retain much of it’s value over time and provide years of service.

How Much is a Used Tug Boat?

Our [pricing type=”lowlink”]least expensive tug[/pricing] is priced to sell at $[pricing type=”lowest”][/pricing]. Our [pricing type=”highlink”]most expensive tugboat[/pricing] costs $[pricing type=”highest”][/pricing]. The average price of a used tugboat in today’s market is right around $[pricing type=”average”]. This figure is calculated by using a variety of online sources and the average of our own select inventory.

Costs of Acquisition

In addition to the purchase price of a used tug boat the most common additional costs are registration fees, inspection costs, transportation and storage. Additional fees, taxes, or surcharges may be incurred depending on the country and locale where the vessel is ultimately registered.